Is Woodford Y34 Iowa® Yard Hydrant Frost Free?

When you need a reliable supply of water for animals, livestock, watering gardens and lawns or drainage, you cannot afford to lose your water supply in freezing conditions. Choosing the best frost free yard hydrant will give you peace of mind and allow you more time to take care of what is important rather than worrying about your water supply when the weather gets cold.  

The Woodford Model Y34 Iowa® Yard Hydrant is proven time and again in many outdoor irrigation applications, providing long-lasting quality performance with reliable water flow even in freezing conditions.  

Woodford Model Y34 Iowa® Yard Hydrant Specifications

The Woodford Model Y34 Iowa® Yard Hydrant provides immediate water flow in subzero conditions and is one of the most popular yard hydrants available. This durable, quality made yard hydrant features variable-flow, long life packing and rod guide eliminating side pull, as well as an adjustable link for easy adjustment of the lever lock-in tension. The rod guide eliminates side pull on the rod to reduce wear on the packing nut and stem. 

Enjoy the perfect water flow every time with a flow finder and lock, a simple cam that can be set to automatically obtain the same flow each time with the capability to lock against accidental opening.  The one piece variable-flow plunger is durable and not damaged easily with a large cushion type seal that provides reliable shut off even in the presence of foreign particles. The plunger opens to prevent freezing and closes to prevent any wasting of water.

Easy Repair and Replacement with American-Made Parts

You can count on Woodford yard hydrants to last through years and decades of changing seasons and freezing conditions.  If you should need to replace any parts, they are all interchangeable and always available.  Repairs, when needed, can be made without removing the hydrant from the ground. This yard hydrant is made in America and has been since 1929.

Woodford Manufacturing has been known for providing high-quality wall faucets and yard hydrants, recognized for top of the line products as part of WCM Industries, Inc. WCM Industries also includes Watco, a name recognized by plumbers for high-quality bathtub plumbing parts such as replacement stoppers or bath waste drain kits. 

When you are looking for the best yard hydrant to last through freezing conditions, you can count on the Woodford Model Y34 Iowa® Yard Hydrant.  This American icon will perform as expected from searing Texas summer heat to freezing Dakota winters.  Learn more about this number one Woodford yard hydrant for freezing conditions.

How to Fix Your Bathtub Drain Yourself

You do not have to be a master plumber to fix your  bathtub drain yourself, not with the easy to install products on the market today.  Sprucing up the tub might not be the first thing on your to-do list, but with Watco tub drain repair and tub stopper installment it can be one of the quickest and easiest home repair jobs. is the best place to get the bathtub drain repair products you need along with helpful, knowledgeable instruction for fixing your bathtub drain yourself. 

Quality Products and Free Tutorials offers quality Watco tub drain and bathtub replacement stoppers along with online do-it-yourself video tutorials that show you detailed instruction on many tub repair projects. We’ll show you how to identify the type of stopper you have now, the best way to remove it and how to replace it with a new, high-flow, high-clearance bathtub stopper.  

The SimpliQuick®Tub Fix sits over your existing drain and installs easily in just minutes.  All Watco tub repair and replacement products are designed for easy installation to quickly replace broken, dingy or worn-out fixtures.  Many products come with the skill level required for installation indicated on the package, and you can always ask the tub repair specialists at for more information. 

Most tub drains by Watco are available in many different finish options. You can match the finish on your tub to other bathroom fixtures with available finish options including:

  • Brushed Chrome
  • Chrome Plated
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Polished Brass

Benefits of Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix

The Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix helps to simplify your bathtub drain repair project whether replacing a worn-out drain or upgrading to beautiful new fixtures. One of the greatest benefits of the Watco SimpliQuick™ Tub Fix is that you do not have to remove your existing drain to install it.  No need to worry about drain depth or thread count or finding the tools to remove your drain.  Just install this push-pull stopper right over your existing drain for a universal fit over nearly any type of tub drain.  You can have confidence in the Watco name and the 5-year limited warranty. is dedicated to solving your tub drain problem with long lasting, reliable bathtub repair and replacement products.  We carry all the Watco tub repair products and Woodford outdoor faucets and faucet repair parts.  Contact us with any questions and for the easiest solution to fix your tub drain yourself.

Simple Bathtub Upgrade in Time for the Holidays

Holiday season 2020 is like no other with more people staying home, less traveling and less socializing.  If you have some extra time to be home this year over the holidays, why not do simple home improvements that can benefit the whole family?  A bathroom renovation might sound like a messy job, but there are innovative tub repair products which are easy to install that can make a big difference for a small investment. 

A slow moving tub drain or dingy, corroded tub fixtures can take away from the beauty of the entire room.  If you have been wanting to spruce up the bathroom or give your tub an upgrade, there is no better time than the present with quality Watco tub repair products.  Here are a few simple things you can do to improve the look and function of your bathtub in time for the Holidays. 

Replace Your Bathtub Stopper

Replacing your bathtub stopper is now easier than ever with newer products like the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix tub replacement stopper for any drain. You can install a shiny new stopper yourself in just minutes with this replacement stopper by Watco and easy to follow instructions from This stopper includes a mesh grid drain cover, which is important to keep foreign materials and hair from entering your drain. 

One of the nicest things about this tub stopper is the universal fit, even for older drains or tub drains that no longer have crossbars.  In older drains, the crossbars may be corroded or broken.  With the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix you can install the stopper right over the existing drain with the mesh grid drain cover attached, even over drains with missing crossbars. 

Upgrade Your Tub Overflow Plate

Your bathtub overflow plate allows water to drain down the overflow pipe in case of accidental overfilling.  The overflow plate can get dingy over time and is often overlooked as an opportunity to brighten up the bathtub.  Installing a matching overflow plate to match your new tub stopper is a quick and easy way to spruce up your tub, and Watco makes it quick, easy and affordable. has a wide selection of new tub stoppers and overflow plates available in the finish of your choice.  Swapping out your old chrome-plated fixture for a new finish like Nickel or Oil-Rubbed Bronze can make a dramatic improvement in your tub appearance.  We make it easy with quality products combined with exceptional customer support including online video tutorials showing you the easiest way to replace your tub stopper or bathtub waste drain plumbing carries all the high-quality Watco and Woodford faucet and hydrant products, with repair parts, troubleshooting guides and tech notes for your full support. makes it easy to upgrade your bathtub with quality products trusted by professionals and knowledgeable customer service. Upgrade your bathtub today with no prep time, no hassle, and no need to call a professional plumber.  Contact us now to learn how to do it yourself with a new tub upgrade in time for the Holidays.

Save On Repairing Your Outdoor Faucet

Outdoor faucets on homes in areas with harsh winters are subjected to extreme weather changes.  Even without a distinct change in seasons, your outdoor faucet takes a lot of wear and tear which may cause it to leak over time. You might be wondering if you should repair your faucet or replace it.  

You should first examine your faucet for any signs of damage to the stem, the supply pipe or the handle and see if you can tell where the leak is coming from.  If you see a water leak from the handle, you could try to just tighten the packing nut or you may need to replace the washers.  

If these quick fixes are not the answer to your faulty outdoor faucet, has the solution with Woodford outdoor faucet repair kits and frost free hose bibs for year round irrigation. 

How to Fix Your Outdoor Faucet Yourself

Fixing your outdoor faucet yourself is easier than you think with the help of and our extensive video library. We show you how to repair your faucet yourself and offer faucet repair parts, repair kits and replacement faucets.  Our online tutorial includes instructional videos and a host of information on the best way to repair or replace your outdoor faucet.  

We show you how to save time and money by making sure you have the faucet repair parts that you need and the know-how to get the job done. carries Woodford faucet repair parts including parts for our most common models, the Woodford Model 17 Anti-Siphon faucet and the Model 19 Anti-Rupture faucet.  You can purchase just the vacuum breaker kit, washers, rubber seat, handle repair kits or a replacement faucet if needed. 

Repairing your outdoor faucet is easier with the help of, the premier online retailer for quality Woodford faucets and Watco bathtub plumbing repair and replacement parts such as replacement stoppers and bathtub waste drain kits offers video demonstrations to help with your faucet repair or replacement, troubleshooting guides and tech-notes for each Woodford model.  We provide quality products and knowledgeable customer service as your satisfaction is paramount to our success.  Contact us with any questions on how to replace or repair your outdoor faucet.

The Easiest Bathtub Stopper Replacement Solution


Watco is a company known worldwide for providing high quality bathtub repair products that are durable and built to last. When you upgrade your bathtub with Watco tub stoppers, overflow plates or waste drain products you can rest assured you will not have to replace those products again anytime soon. Do-it-yourself homeowners and professional plumbers alike recognize Watco as a leading reputable supplier of all your bathtub drain needs. is the preferred online retailer for Watco tub drain repair products and Woodford quality faucets and hydrants. We’ve got everything you need for good water flow whether with a new bathtub drain and stopper or a quality outside faucet. We’ve got Woodford frost free faucets to protect your pipes from freezing and faucet repair kits to get just the parts you need.  

We do more than just offer you quality parts from the most reputable suppliers of tub repair products, we show you how to use them and turn any bathtub repair job into a simple do-it-yourself project. Whether you are looking to just upgrade the look of your bathtub with long-lasting beautiful new fixtures or you need to repair a nagging problem with a faulty tub stopper or dingy fixtures, you’ve come to the right place. offers a solution for any bathtub with universal fit tub stoppers which are easy to install and tub stopper replacements that do not require removing your existing drain.  Our comprehensive online video library will show you step-by-step how to perform the most common tub repair projects with the quickest and easiest method. is your one-stop for all your bathtub repair solutions with quality Watco tub repair products. We are committed to providing you the simplest solution for a successful tub repair project. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about quality Watco tub repair or Woodford outside faucet products.

Watco Waste Drain and Overflow Plate Solutions


It’s easy to transform a dingy old bathtub into a sparkling, beautiful new tub with shiny new fixtures. Just by replacing a worn-out bathtub stopper and the overflow plate, you can modernize an old tub and get rid of embarrassing, dingy old fixtures.  If you’ve been thinking about replacing your bathtub stopper, either because it’s broken or just looking dingy, don’t forget to install a matching overflow plate at the same time.  

With innovative bathtub repair products available today, you can quickly and easily upgrade your bathtub by yourself. There’s no need to continue to be embarrassed about corroded or dingy bathtub fixtures with tub repair products from Watco and help from  Watco is a recognized leading manufacturer of quality tub repair products like replacement stoppers, full trim kits that include a matching overflow plate, and bathtub waste drain solutions.

We Show You How to Fix Your Drain Yourself is dedicated to helping you fix any tub drain problem yourself with helpful online videos for nearly any tub repair project. With our quality products, helpful customer service and demonstrational videos, you’ll save time and money repairing your bathtub yourself.  

We offer a wide selection of replacement stoppers in many different finish options, including a tub stopper that easily installs over drains with broken crossbars. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix by Watco is one replacement stopper that provides a quick and easy solution with no mess, no fuss and no need to call a plumber.

Get a Matching Overflow Plate with a Trim Kit

The overflow plate plays an important functional role in preventing your bathtub from overflowing onto the floor. If the water is left on, it should flow through the hole in the bottom of your overflow plate into your overflow pipe and prevent a flooded bathroom. This is an easy fixture to forget about unlike a tub stopper that you might use every day. But replacing it can give a brand-new look to your bathtub.

Watco offers the Innovator Snap On overflow plate that comes in a beautiful finish and is easy to install. offers bathtub trim kits, full waste drain products and replacement bathtub stoppers for any tub repair project.

We are the official online retailer for Watco quality products and Woodford faucets and hydrants. Our Woodford faucet product line includes a wide selection of outside faucets, faucet repair kits and everything you need to install a new outside faucet or repair your existing Woodford faucet. offers quality Watco and Woodford products combined with helpful customer support. Our online video library shows you how to tackle home repair projects yourself, saving you time and money. Contact us with any questions and for help in finding the right tub repair products for you.

Is Your Outdoor Faucet Protected from Winter Weather?


Most homeowners are well aware of the importance of winterizing their outdoor faucets this time of year. This is necessary to prevent the faucet from freezing and bursting which damages not only your faucet but can cause serious damage to your home as well. Winterizing your faucet should be fairly simple and straightforward, although using the right type of outside faucet is the best protection against potential damage. 

Install a Woodford Freezeless Faucet 

Besides disconnecting your garden hose before freezing conditions hit, the next most important thing you can do to protect your home is to install a Woodford freezeless faucet.  Without a freezeless faucet, also called a frost-free hose bib or spigot, you run the risk of water freezing in your faucet and causing damage. Woodford frost-free hose bibs include an integral vacuum breaker and should be installed with a slight downward pitch that allows water to drain out when the faucet is turned off. 

Freezing conditions could damage your faucet and you may not notice until you turn your water on in the spring, flooding the inside of your house and ruining walls or ceilings. To prepare any standard faucet for winter, you should turn off the water supply to the faucet from inside the house.  And as long as you remove the hose from the faucet, your Woodford Freezeless Faucet will be just fine, unless you purchase a Model 19 anti-burst faucet. This will protect you year-round. Most exterior faucets should have a separate shutoff valve inside the house, although some outside faucets on older homes may not. has the solution for winterizing your outside faucet with Woodford frost-free hose bibs and repair kits.  We carry the full Woodford line as the premier online retailer for quality Woodford faucets, repair kits and hydrants. is your one stop for all your faucet and bathtub repair needs with quality Watco bathtub drain parts including waste drains, replacement stoppers and overflow plates. is pleased to offer quality Woodford and Watco products, combined with exceptional customer service. We offer a vast online library with how-to videos to ensure your total success. Contact us with any questions about winterizing your outside faucet or how to repair your Woodford frost-free hose bib. 

Hassle Free Bathtub Drain Installation

Watco bathtub products are known for delivering high quality with innovative design making any new bathtub drain installation as easy and hassle free as possible. Watco provides bathtub drain stoppers, tub drain waste and closure parts, overflow plates and trim kits.  Buy is your one-stop for high quality Watco tub repair parts and exceptional customer service making it easy to rejuvenate any bathtub.

Watco Tub Drain Waste Installation

The Watco bathtub waste drain kits include everything you need to replace your bathtub waste drain such as the drain, the tub stopper, overflow and piping. You can find bathtub waste drains in various materials such as:

  • Tubular plastic
  • Tubular brass
  • Schedule 40 PVC
  • Flexible

Watco offers a schedule 40 tub drain kit, the Watco 901 series half kit for bath waste, which does not require any screws for a very simple installation.  This 901 half kit does not include overflow piping or the drain elbow. offers a video library to show you detailed instructions on how to assemble and install your new bathtub drain waste kit.

Tub Drain Closure Install

Tub drain closures by Watco include the tub stopper and the drain body. shows you the easiest way to install any tub replacement stopper and bathtub closures. You can find online videos at to help you understand the full Watco product line including replacement stoppers, trim kits, overflow plates and drain waste products.

We are committed to your total satisfaction and success with your bathtub repair or upgrade project. We offer quality products such as the Watco bathtub repair product line and Woodford hydrants and faucets including Woodford faucet repair kits. offers professional installation tips, helpful videos and exceptional customer support.  We provide high quality tub drain plumbing parts and faucets for residential and commercial use.  Contact us to speak with a representative  about the easiest tub repair installation with Watco tub drain closures and waste drain solutions.

Install Your New Tub Stopper in Five Minutes

It’s never been easier to spruce up your bathtub with shiny new fixtures with the innovative bathtub replacement stoppers and waste drain kits from Watco. Watco is known for delivering high quality tub repair products which are designed for easy installation. makes it easy for do-it-yourself homeowners and professional plumbers alike with high-quality Watco tub repair products and replacement parts.

We offer several different models to choose from for bathtub replacement stoppers and show you the easiest method with online video instruction. We’ll show you step-by-step how to remove your existing bathtub stopper and how to quickly install a new bathtub stopper, overflow plate and tub drain products. 

Three Simple Steps to Install Your New Tub Stopper

By following these three simple steps, you can install a brand-new Watco push pull tub drain stopper in less than five minutes. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix provides a universal fit to almost any size of tub drain and offers quick and easy installation, long-lasting high flow draining performance and many additional benefits. offers the Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix along with other replacement tub stoppers and shows you exactly how to do the job with an extensive online video library. Install the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix simply follow these three steps:

1) Remove your existing tub drain stopper

With the help of our online instructional video library we show you the easiest way to remove the most common types of tub drain stoppers.  In most cases you should not need anything more than a flathead screwdriver to remove your current stopper.

2) Determine your installation method

The Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is available in two different installation methods. If your tub drain cross bars are broken, you can still quickly install the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix with a strong and durable silicone hold.  If your drain crossbars are intact, this push pull tub drain stopper comes with a reversible composite pin to fit in any 3/8-inch or 5/16-inch opening. 

3)  Install Your New Tub Drain and Stopper 

Simply screw your new tub stopper into the drain or affix over the drain with silicone adhesive. It’s that easy, and in less than five minutes you can have a brand-new, beautiful shiny push pull stopper. offers this replacement tub stopper and others made by Watco, a name trusted by professionals. Enjoy a five-year limited warranty for added peace of mind. You can also find bathtub waste drain products, repair kits and trim kits and online videos for an easier bathtub repair job. is your one-stop for Watco repair products and Woodford hydrants and outdoor faucets, including freezeless faucets and faucet repair kits is your premier online retailer for quality Woodford and Watco products. We offer a wide selection of innovative products combined with exceptional customer service and an online video library. Contact us with any questions and to learn about the easiest way to replace your bathtub stopper.

How to Repair Your Woodford Outdoor Faucet

Woodford is recognized as a leading manufacturer of wall and yard hydrants, wall faucets, backflow preventers and vacuum breakers. Installing a Woodford faucet is an investment in your home with quality faucets, designed for easy installation and easy repair. Woodford frost free hose bibs protect your home or business against water damage and costly repairs with quality faucets designed not to burst in freezing weather. offers quality Woodford products including Woodford faucet repair kits. We offer quality Woodford replacement parts with easy to follow video instructions to save you time and money. Our comprehensive online product offerings combined with exceptional customer service make your one-stop for residential or commercial hydrant or faucet repair.

We offer repair parts for several different Woodford models along with Tech Notes and a Troubleshooting Guide for every hydrant and outdoor faucet that we carry. Our video demonstrations show you simple step-by-step instructions on how to repair or replace your Woodford faucet.  The upgraded Patented Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) will prevent bursting of the faucet during freezing conditions.  We offer fast delivery of the parts you need via FedEx or USPS. 

Many Woodford Faucet Repair Kits

We offer repair kits for many Woodford faucets such as the popular Model 14, 17, 25/27, and many others.  We make it easy for you to upgrade the Model 14, 16, 17, 19, 22 and V22 to PRV on 4-in to 14-in model lengths with the patented pressure relief valve for added protection against bursting in freezing conditions. The included visual diagram makes it easy to determine the proper length with color-coded actual size templates. 

The RK-ADJ-PRV Upgrade kit includes:

  • 30002 Handle Screw
  • 35122 Handle Stem
  • 35123 Middle Stem
  • 35124 Inlet Stem
  • 30508 Stem Stop
  • Stainless Steel Clips (2)
  • 30059 Packing Nut
  • 30560 EPDM Packing
  • 30096 Round Metal Wheel Handle

The helpful staff will assist you in determining the right products for your faucet repair or replacement job and instructions for easy installation.

You can find all of your Woodford hydrants, faucets and faucet repair products at,  along with quality Watco bathtub repair and replacement products. Watco offers a full product line of bathtub drain waste solutions and replacement stoppers to fit any tub. is your one-stop for faucet, hydrant and bathtub repair solutions. We offer quality products and exceptional customer service for your total satisfaction. Contact us with any questions and learn the easiest way to upgrade or repair your Woodford faucet.