How To Replace A Bathtub Overflow Gasket

The bathtub overflow drain is often overlooked as a source of a water leak coming from your tub. Many times, homeowners will begin to tighten threaded connections, replace faucet valves, or use silicone tape to seal connections. It may not make much sense that a faulty gasket in your overflow plate is the culprit for water leaking through a ceiling and running down the wall from an upstairs bathroom. 

One indicator that you should check the gasket in the overflow tube is if you do not notice the leak when someone is taking a shower or a bath without filling it up very full. When bathing children without filling the tub up to the overflow tube or when showering, you may not notice the leak if the water does not reach the overflow tube.

Replacing the Tub Overflow Gasket

Replacing a bathtub overflow gasket is actually very simple and inexpensive and is something you can do on your own. You can easily save a couple hundred dollars by doing this yourself instead of calling a plumber. The first thing to do is to remove the screws on the overflow cover plate. This is usually with a Phillips head screwdriver and may be one screw in the center or two screws on the sides. 

If you have a trip lever tub stopper or your bathtub stopper is controlled with a lever protruding out of the overflow plate, simply remove the screws and pull the cover out with the stopper assembly attached. Take a look at the rubber gasket that sits right behind the flange to hold the overflow plate, and if you notice the gasket is cracked or deteriorating, this is most likely the cause of your leaks.

You will need to simply remove the old gasket and work the new one snugly into place. A replacement overflow gasket is typically beveled, and in most cases, the thicker part should be towards the bottom. This is also a good time to replace your bathtub overflow plate altogether, and one of the easiest to install is the Watco Innovator® Snap-On bathtub overflow plate

Pair it with a matching push-pull bathtub stopper like the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, also by Watco, for a matching, complete look to upgrade your tub.

You can find the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix and Watco’s Innovator® Snap-On Bathtub Overflow Plate at, the premier online retailer for Watco quality tub plumbing products.  Watco is recognized as a leading, innovative supplier of quality bathtub plumbing products that provide long-lasting functionality and easy installation. Contact us to learn more about replacing your bathtub overflow gasket and upgrading your tub with a new tub stopper and overflow plate.

What are the Benefits of Watco’s Bathtub Drain Trim Kit? 

You can update your bathtub with a cleaner, newer-looking drain trim to refresh the look of your old tub in just minutes. Watco bathtub drain trim kits make it easy to replace dingy, drab bathtub stoppers, overflow plates, and drains without calling a plumber. The universal tub drain trim kits from Watco fit almost any type of tub strainer body to update old, worn-out-looking drains.

Watco’s tub drain trim kits provide many benefits from a company trusted by professional plumbers and recognized by do-it-yourselfers for easy installation. You can install Watco’s tub drain trim kit in just minutes with just a screwdriver. Watco’s Innovator® Snap-On Overflow Plate easily converts a 1-hole or 2-hole overflow plate for simple installation. Some of the many benefits of Watco’s tub drain trim kits include:

  • Installs overcurrent strainer body
  • Eliminates the chance of cross threading
  • Eliminates labor to remove the current drain
  • Includes an O-ring for a snug fit
  • Thin trim at .03” avoids a water dam with no flow rate reduction
  • Push-pull stopper comes with a reversible pin in 3/8” or 5/16”
  • Silicone adhesive included for stopper installation over broken crossbars
  • Comes in many decorative finish options
  • Includes five-year limited warranty

You can have confidence in the name Watco and enjoy these many benefits with Watco’s bathtub drain trim kit solutions. is the premier online retailer for all Watco bathtub plumbing products, coupled with exceptional customer service and online video demonstrations.  You can find the full product line for Watco tub repair and plumbing products and Woodford spigots, hydrants, and faucet repair parts. is your one source for Watco tub repair and upgrade solutions as well as all Woodford products, including freezeless yard hydrants and outdoor faucets. Watco makes it easy to upgrade your bathtub yourself without calling a professional plumber. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of Watco’s bathtub drain trim kits.

How To Fix A Leaky Bathtub Overflow Tube

If you notice a leaky bathtub, the problem can often be traced back to the drain assembly or the overflow tube. A bathtub overflow drain acts as a safety feature to divert water down the overflow tube if the tub overfills, to prevent the water from spilling out over the top of the bathtub. This helps to prevent water damage from an overflowing tub by preventing water from spilling out and dripping over the sides and beneath the bathtub where it could damage the floor, or a ceiling if located in an upstairs room.

The first impulse when noticing a bathtub leak could be to get to the drain underneath the tub although in many cases, the overflow tube could be the source of the leak.

Locate the Source of Your Bathtub Leak

Before you start tearing things apart to get underneath your bathtub, locate the source of the leak by checking the tile around the tub for caulking or grouting issues. If this is the case, you will only notice a leak while the tub or shower are in use.

If you notice a continuous leak even when the tub or shower or not in use, it could be a waterline that is pressurized and leaking constantly rather than a leak with the overflow tube.

If there is a leak in the tub drain or piping, you can remove your access panel to view the plumbing for the bathtub. Run water while looking for leaks and any loose connections. Repair or tighten drain fittings as needed. 

If you do not see leaking when running water in the bathtub, run the shower and look for leaks coming from the faucet. If you do not notice any leaks from the shower running, the overflow tube is the most likely cause of your tub leak. 

Replacing Your Bathtub Overflow Plate

It is easy to remove a bathtub overflow plate with just a screwdriver to check the gasket. A ring-shaped gasket seals the overflow pipe and is located directly behind the flange around the opening. The rubber gasket can become cracked and brittle over time and cause leaking. Remove the overflow plate with a screwdriver and simply pull it off. You may need to cut the caulk out of the way with a utility knife. Inspect the gasket and replace it if cracked or worn.

One of the easiest bathtub overflow plates to install is the Innovator® Snap-On Bathtub Overflow Plate Kit by Watco. This innovative tub overflow plate is a simple replacement with easy retrofits to one or two hole trip lever overflow plates. If you are replacing a trip lever stopper, get the overflow plate with the matching SimpliQuick® Tub Fix for a quick and easy way to upgrade your entire tub with quality tub plumbing products. is the premier online retailer for all Watco tub plumbing products including replacement stoppers, tub drain parts and overflow plates. Watco is a name recognized by professional plumbers for quality products that are easy to install. Contact us with any questions and upgrade your tub today with the Innovator® Snap-On Overflow Plate Kit. 

Steps to Install a Woodford Freezeless Yard Hydrant

If you rely on a yard hydrant for much-needed irrigation, installing a Woodford freezeless yard hydrant will ensure uninterrupted access to water. A freezeless yard hydrant can ensure that this critical resource is there when you need it whether taking care of farms, ranches, or livestock.  Woodford is a name known and trusted for reliable and durable yard hydrants. Following some simple steps can help you correctly install a Woodford freezes yard hydrant.

  1. First, dig a hole where you plan to install your yard hydrant, approximately 2 feet in diameter and deeper than the bury depth.
  2. Flush out the supply line before connecting to the hydrant to clear any gravel or debris.
  3. Install your Woodford yard hydrant and make sure the drain hole is under the frost line. Use a wrench to tighten the supply line fitting and valve body without overtightening.
  4. Use extra support in the bottom of the pit, such as rebar or pipe, if the supply line does not support the hydrant.
  5. Check for leaks in the hydrant connection by turning the water on the floor and filling the excavation. 
  6. Make the necessary adjustments so that water drains from the hydrant drain hole each time the hydrant is closed.
    1. Use a 1/8 inch copper drain tubing if installing inside a structure or a concrete driveway. Water draining from the hydrant will surface and cause damage or muddy spots if the remote piping drain field is not installed.
    2. In areas that tend to have standing water, a larger drain field may be required. If the ground is saturated in the hydrant drain field, it could freeze, preventing the hydrant from draining fully and causing damage.
    3. To provide credit drainage, fill the pit up to approximately 3 inches above the brass drain valve body with a half-inch of gravel.

See the hydrant installation instructions from Woodford, and check out the Woodford Y34 IOWA® yard hydrant, the most well-known yard hydrant for reliable water flow in subzero conditions. is your one stop for all Woodford yard hydrants and outdoor faucets and all Watco bathtub plumbing products such as replacement bathtub stoppers and all waste drain products. Contact us with any questions about installing a freezeless Woodford yard hydrant.

How To Clean A Smelly Drain

A smelly drain can release an odor throughout the entire house. Kitchen drains can start to release odors like rotting food, or your bathroom sink and shower might start to smell like a sewer. Kitchen drains often accumulate grease and trapped food from dirty dishes, which can attract pesky fruit flies and produce bacteria. Bathroom sink and shower drains accumulate toothpaste, soap, hair, and body oils which eventually creates a clog that starts to stink.

Before you call in a plumber for professional help, there are some very simple things that you can do to clean a smelly drain yourself.

Use a Plastic Drain Snake

The plastic drain snake is a handy tool and does a great job of grabbing gunked-up hair and soap scum out of a drain. They are easy to use; you just remove your tub stopper or drain cover and then insert the snake into the drain while turning slowly so the tough little bristles can grab any hair and debris. You might want to be wearing plastic gloves for this and have a little trashcan nearby to quickly drop the disgusting, smelly mess. If you don’t have any plastic drain stakes, you should get some; they are inexpensive, and having a multipack on hand is always a great idea.

Use Hot Water and Dish Soap

There is a reason why hot water combined with dish soap cleans grease off of dirty dishes, this works on a stinky drain too. It has to be hot, boiling water for this to work so bring a pot of water to a boil, turn off the heat, and add a small amount of liquid dish soap. Slowly pour half of the boiling water and dish soap down your drain and let it work for at least five minutes to dissolve any greasy buildup.

After five minutes, turn on the cold water on high for at least one minute, and it will solidify the greasy residue. Then pour the rest of the hot water into the drain to flush it all out. This easy method with hot water can oftentimes solve your smelly drain problem but be sure to snake it first and remove any hair and debris that you can.

How To Keep Your Drain From Stinking

You can help to prevent your drain from developing odor-causing clogs by following some simple routine maintenance. For kitchen drains, do not pour grease down the drain and always flush with hot water after washing dishes. To help prevent stinky bathtub drain odor, use a plastic drain snake every 2 to 3 months and make sure you have a proper bathtub drain cover. If you need to snake the overflow tube, having a simple overflow plate like the Watco Innovator® Bathtub Overflow Plate Kit gives a beautiful look to your tub with an overflow plate that is easy to remove for maintenance. offers the most innovative bathtub stopper replacement on the market from Watco, a name recognized for high-quality bathtub repair and replacement parts. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix helps to prevent hair from entering the drain with a mesh grid drain cover and easy-to-use push-pull stopper. Practice routine maintenance to keep your drain from smelling and install the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix for a beautiful and functional drain cover.

How To Fix A Bathtub Drain Stopper Stuck In Closed Position

If your bathtub stopper is stuck in a closed position, you may notice water pooling at your feet every time you take a shower. It might appear that there is a clog from accumulated soap scum or hair, but if your drain is still not draining water after cleaning it, you may find that your bathtub drain stopper is stuck in the closed position. This is a pretty easy remedy; the first thing you need to do is to remove your bathtub stopper, and if cleaning it and reassembling does not do the trick, it is very simple to replace it.

Identify Your Tub Stopper Type to Remove It

There are different types of tub stoppers, such as a push-pull where you simply push it down or pull it up, the toe touch stopper which does the same thing with the tap of your foot, the lift and turn stopper and trip lever systems that go through the overflow drain. This video shows you how to remove the most common types of bathtub stoppers. 

For some stoppers that have the knob on top that is stuck, try to put a rag around it and use a pair of pliers to loosen the top while holding onto the base. If the top comes off, but the stopper stays in the drain, there may be a set screw underneath the top of the stopper, which is easy to remove with a flathead screwdriver.

If you have a pop-up drain stopper controlled by a trip lever, you will see a stopper over the drain, although it is controlled by the trip lever. You will need to rotate the overflow plate and pull the stopper straight up and out. These types of stoppers may require adjustment after several years of use and can be replaced with a stopper that is easier to control.  

A lift bucket drain stopper is also controlled by the trip lever, although there is no stopper visible in the drain as there is simply a plunger that lifts up and down to stop water at the overflow drain. With this type of stopper, you should see a drain cover over your drain. You will remove this the same way through the overflow plate. Have a rag handy to lay the assembly in the tub without scratching the finish.

Install a New Watco Bathtub Stopper

Watco offers the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, a tub stopper replacement solution that quickly and easily replaces the most common types of tub stoppers. With the universal fit, this tub stopper replacement installs in minutes and can even sit over the drain with broken or missing crossbars. Learn more from the helpful folks at offers the latest innovative bathtub stopper solution from Watco, a leader in tub repair and replacement parts. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is easy to install and is backed up by the Watco five-year limited warranty. Get this Watco tub stopper solution today and combine with a matching overflow plate that is just as easy to install. 

Beautiful Bathtub Fixtures Spruce up Your Tub

It is easy to spruce up your tub with beautiful, shiny new bathtub fixtures. When you need to replace or repair bathtub parts, look no further than to the Watco tub repair product line which includes tub waste drain parts, replacement bathtub stoppers, and trim kits with a matching overflow plate. You can revamp the look of your whole tub and give your entire bathroom sparkling new appeal just by replacing your tub drain products. 

Watco tub repair and replacement parts provide simple installation of quality tub parts that are made to last and backed up by a five year limited warranty.

Bathtub Upgrade You Can Do Yourself

There is no need to call a plumber to upgrade the look of your bathtub with Watco tub repair products that are built to last and easy to install. You can replace your bathtub stopper, overflow plate, or waste drain parts by yourself with the support from, the premier online retailer for all Watco tub repair products.  Peruse the comprehensive online video library that shows you with video demonstration the best way to remove your current tub stopper, replace your bathtub stopper, install a new overflow plate, and more.

Install a Tub Trim Kit in Many Finish Options

Upgrading your bathtub with the trim kit which includes an overflow plate is the best way to get a matching tub stopper and overflow plate to give your tub a brand-new look. Watco tub repair products are available in a variety of beautiful finish options such as chrome plated, brushed chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze and more. Watco is recognized as a leader in quality tub products with easy to install tub parts making it simple for the do-it-yourselfer. is the premier online retailer for all Watco products and Woodford hydrants and outdoor faucets. is the only place to find quality tub repair products combined with an extensive video library and exceptional customer service to ensure your total success. Contact us with any questions and don’t put off upgrading your tub any longer with easy to install Watco tub replacement parts.

Calculating Farm Water Supplies And Reliable Hydrants

Managing water on a farm is essential as water is a necessity for crops and livestock and plays a significant role on the welfare of all animal stock, as well as the productivity and profitability of farm operations. Knowing the water requirements for stock drinking water and all of the water sources is critical to plan daily and annual activities. The goal to plan for water needs on a farm is to have all of the water that you need when you need it and where you need it.

Planning for the associated risk of reliability with water supply must also be taken into account. The most essential elements to plan for water needs on a farm include:

  • Understanding the total water requirements
  • Evaluating the reliability of water sources
  • Determining the water storage required whether tanks or dams
  • Considering stock rates to availability of water
  • Farm water supply design and network systems
  • Determining the water supply required to last during prolonged drought conditions

Shortages of water can be a significant problem and limit productivity, and a lack of water can even lead to destocking property or going to the trouble and expense of bringing water in.

Balancing Farm Water Requirements

A critical part of the planning for water requirements process involves balancing Farm water requirements. This includes considering:

  • All water requirements and uses of water (for crops, stock, and people)
  • All farm water supplies and availability
  • Determine the balance between the water supply and usage
  • All water storage methods including in use and potential

Installing reliable water hydrants such as the Woodford IOWA® Y34 Yard Hydrant, the oldest and most reliable water hydrant, can help to ensure a steady supply of water where and when you need it even in freezing conditions. A multi-calculator is available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help farmers understand the relationship between irrigation applications and crop yields as well as forecasting water needs in advance. As the premier online retailer offers the full Woodford hydrant product line to provide reliable water sources to farms, ranches, commercial and industrial applications. is the premier online retailer for all Woodford products as well as Watco bathtub drain parts and tub stoppers is the premier online retailer for the complete Woodford product line including yard hydrants, outdoor faucets and commercial wall hydrants. You can find the full Watco product line including bathtub drain waste parts, trim kits, and replacement stoppers. Contact us with any questions and check out the online video library to learn more about installing or replacing Watco or Woodford products.

How To Keep Your Bathtub Drain Stopper Looking Shiny

Between all of the dirt, soap scum, and hard water deposits that your bathtub drain is exposed to, you might find that your tub stopper has lost its sparkle. Keeping your bathtub drain stopper shiny can be a challenge but persistence pays off. You can keep your tub stopper looking shiny and new without using caustic chemicals.

An Ounce of Prevention

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventing your tub stopper from becoming dingy and corroded in the first place is the best way to keep your stopper looking shiny. Always wipe it off when you’re done with your bath or shower so that soap scum and hard water does not have a chance to tarnish the shine.

Just wiping off your tub stopper with a clean rag and some warm soapy water, then rinsing it clean and drying it should help to prevent a new stopper from tarnishing too soon.

Install a Quality Tub Stopper

Starting with the quality bathtub stopper in the first place is also important to retain that new, shiny look. To start with a brand-new shiny stopper, consider Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, an easy to install push pull stopper available in many beautiful finish options such as shiny chrome, brushed chrome, brushed nickel, nickel polished, polished brass and more.

The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix by Watco is easy to install yourself, without calling a professional plumber, and can even install right over your existing drain without removing your current tub drain. Watco is a name recognized and trusted by professional plumbers for easy to install bathtub fixtures and plumbing products.

You can get the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix at, where you can also find easy to follow videos to show you how to remove your tub stopper and install a new one in minutes. Check out the trim kits with a matching overflow plate for a polished, brand-new tub look. Get your SimpliQuick® Tub Fix today, and just keep it clean for a shiny brand-new tub look.

How to Keep Hair Out of a Drain

Unless you don’t have any hair, keeping hair out of a drain is nearly impossible. Every time you shower or bathe, some hair will inevitably be washed down your bathtub drain. There are some things you can do to help keep hair out of your drain, however, which is a good thing to do especially if you have long thick hair or there are multiple people in the house taking showers regularly.

Here are a few simple tips that you can try to help prevent hair from clogging up your drain:

Brush your hair before getting in the shower – this is especially helpful if you have long hair. Almost every time you brush your hair some stray strands will come loose and it is better to come loose in your hair brush then into the shower drain. This only takes a few seconds, doesn’t cost anything and can make a difference.

Remove hair clogs immediately – if you do notice that your drain is not draining water like it should or is pooling water when you are taking a shower, and it is time to check your drain and remove any hair clogs that exist. It’s easy to remove air clogged by simply removing the tub stopper and using a plastic snake or removing the overflow plate to go through the overflow tube if your tub stopper is installed over your drain with silicone.

Install a drain cover – this is one of the most common solutions to prevent hair and foreign objects from falling into your bathtub drain. Installing a drain cover or a tub stopper with a mesh grid drain cover like Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix will go a long way to help prevent hair from entering your tub drain.

You can get the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix from, your one source for high-quality Watco tub repair and replacement products. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is an easy to install tub stopper with an included mesh grid drain cover to help prevent hair from entering your drain. offers this quality tub stopper replacement and easy to follow videos to show you exactly how to remove your current tub stopper and install a new one with instructional videos and exceptional customer service.