Spruce Up Your Tub with a New Overflow Plate

Your bathtub overflow plate is often overlooked but plays an important role in the plumbing functions of your tub.  The overflow plate has an opening at the bottom where water will flow into the overflow pipe if the tub overflows, helping to prevent the tub from flooding the bathroom. Over time, the tub overflow plate can become dingy and corroded, along with old tub stoppers. 

If it’s time to fix your bathtub drain, replacing your tub drain stopper and the overflow plate together will spruce up the look of your whole tub.  Removing your current bathtub drain stopper and tub overflow plate is simple when you have easy to follow, online video instructions.  Once you remove your tub drain stopper and overflow plate,  modern tub drain repair products are easy to install. 

Watco Bathtub Drain Stopper and Overflow Plate Solutions

Watco is known for high quality bathtub drain and stopper solutions, with innovative products designed for style, performance and easy installation.  Any beginning do-it-yourselfer can remove a bathtub drain stopper with just a screwdriver and a little help from Watco and FixMyDrain.com.  Removing your overflow plate is just as easy and it only takes minutes to install the new Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix push pull stopper and the Watco Innovator Snap-On Bathtub Overflow Plate. 

The Innovator Snap-On Bathtub Overflow comes in many different finish options to match any décor or upgrade to a new look entirely.  FixMyDrain.com provides everything you need for a quick and easy tub upgrade.  The Innovator Snap-On tub overflow plate comes with an adapter bar and black retainer nut to use with your existing bolts. 

We’ll show you how to install a new tub stopper in minutes, without removing your bathtub drain strainer body.  Even if your drain has broken crossbars, you can install a new stopper yourself in three easy steps. It is easier than you think to upgrade the look of your whole tub and shower with Watco bathtub replacement stoppers and trim kits with a matching tub overflow plate. 

Learn more at FixMyDrain.com, where you can find easy to follow instructional videos and knowledgeable customer support.  We offer easy to install lavatory sink drain stopper solutions to upgrade your entire bathroom.  Order your tub drain stopper repair solution today and start enjoying your bathtub and shower. 

Update Your Shower to Improve Your Home’s Value

Updating your shower and bathroom is a wise investment that usually pays off by increasing your home’s value.  This all depends on how much you spend to update your bathroom and shower, however, going overboard will not net you the best return on your investment.  Focusing on certain areas of improvement will bring you the most value. 

Updating the shower is a home improvement that should be very worth your while as these improvements will add value to your entire home.  In addition to increasing your home’s value, your family will appreciate a nicer, newer bath and shower.  Updating things like adding some sliding glass doors or multiple shower heads will give a more luxurious feel to your shower.  Replacing tub fixtures goes a long way to update your shower. 

Replace Tub Stopper and Other Fixtures with a Matching Finish

Replacing bathtub fixtures like removing and replacing your tub stopper and bathtub overflow plate give your tub a brand new look.  This is especially true if you upgrade new tub fixtures with a matching finish to other fixtures in your bathroom.  Update your entire bathroom by replacing your bathtub fixtures with a brand new tub stopper and overflow plate in brushed nickel, for example, and do the same with your towel rack and toilet paper holder.  

Simple and Quick Bathtub Fixture Replacements

Replacing your tub stopper is a lot easier than you may think with modern, tub repair products.  Watco is a leader in bathtub fixtures and tub upgrades with high quality bathtub repair products designed for long lasting performance and easy installation.  Replacement tub stoppers by Watco are quick and easy to install.  The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is a high quality, push pull stopper that installs in minutes, right over your existing drain.  

This revolutionary tub stopper replacement by Watco is so easy to install, especially with the help of easy to follow videos at FixMyDrain.com.  You can choose among various beautiful finish options and select the trim kit with a matching overflow plate to quickly upgrade the look of your tub and bathroom. 

FixMyDrain.com offers high quality Watco tub stopper replacements and trim kits, in the finish option of your choice.  We provide free, instructional videos for quick and easy installation along with friendly and knowledgeable customer support. Contact us today to start upgrading your tub and shower with a beautiful, easy to install bathtub stopper and overflow plate.

Woodford Manufacturing: Leader in Hydrants and Faucets

Woodford Manufacturing has a long standing history of excellence since the company’s inception in 1929.  J.C. Woodford started the company known for quality yard hydrants, expanding into commercial wall hydrants in 1955.  Woodford first introduced their residential faucets in 1963 and is now the leading manufacturer of:

  • Yard hydrants 
  • Wall hydrants
  • Wall faucets
  • Backflow preventers
  • Vacuum breakers

Woodford Manufacturing is known for continual innovation, excellent customer service and high quality products.  These same principles were applied to Watco Manufacturing company when acquired in 1986.  

Watco Manufacturing: Leader in Plumbing Products

Professional plumbers turn to Watco when repairing, replacing, upgrading or installing new bathtub and lavatory plumbing products. Watco has become an industry leading manufacturer of bath drain products used in remodeling and new construction such as:

Bathtub closures – Watco offers many tub closures including the Universal NuFit®, QuickTrim and many other 11.5, 14 and 16 fine or coarse threaded stoppers. 

Bathtub waste drainsWatco tub waste drains include the drain, piping, overflow and stopper. Choose from Schedule 40, tubular brass, flexible, tubular plastic. 

Tub replacement stoppers – Many choices of bathtub replacements stoppers include the Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, PresFlo®, PushPull®, Foot Actuated and Lift and Turn models. 

Bathtub Trim Kits – Watco trim kits include the drain, stopper and tub overflow plate with the same tub drain closure options available. 

Watco tub drains and parts come in many different finish options to enhance any décor.  Choose from popular finishes including:

  • Brushed nickel
  • Brushed chrome
  • Polished brass
  • Chrome plated
  • Oil-rubbed bronze

Where to Find Quality Watco and Woodford Manufacturing Products

BuyEagle.biz is your official online retailer for quality Watco and Woodford Manufacturing products.  This is the place to find high quality outdoor faucets, tub drains and parts that require minimal maintenance.  Quality Watco and Woodford Manufacturing products save you time and money with easy installation and long lasting performance.

BuyEagle.biz represents the leading manufacturers of bathtub drain products and outdoor water faucets. Watco and Woodford Manufacturing continually offer fresh designs and innovative products for both commercial and residential use.  Contact us for friendly and knowledgeable customer service and to learn more about the Watco and Woodford Manufacturing product line. 

5 Tips to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling your bathroom is a home improvement that pays off with added value to your home if or when you decide to sell.  Upgrading the look of your bathroom into a comforting, relaxing space is also enjoyable for the whole family.  Everyone’s budget is different when it comes to a bathroom remodel and you may not have thousands of dollars to spend on creating a deluxe spa retreat. 

First of all, determine how much you can afford to spend on your remodel and the extent of the improvements you want to make.  If your budget is on the low end, you can make some very noticeable changes with just cosmetic upgrades such as new paint and bathroom fixtures.  Replacing your tub stopper and overflow plate gives a new look to your tub or shower and is a very inexpensive upgrade. 

Here are some tips for remodeling your bathroom on a budget:

1) Update Tub and Sink Fixtures

Updating bathtub and sink fixtures will transform the look of your bathroom especially if your fixtures are corroded or very outdated.  It is easy to remove and replace a bathtub stopper with new products like the Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix replacement tub stopper.  With these innovative new tub repair products, you do not even have to remove your existing drain. 

2)  Update all Room Fixtures

You can replace your light fixtures, towel racks and toilet paper holder for a relatively small investment.  Plan ahead and choose all matching tub and room fixtures.  Bathtub replacement stoppers come in many finish options such as chrome polish, brushed nickel, or a darker oil-rubbed bronze. 

3)  Limit the Tile

Tile can get expensive to purchase and have installed.  If you plan to replace any tile, consider installing a high-impact focus area instead of wall to wall new tile.  You can use expensive tile as a border accent next to less expensive tile.  

4)  Paint

Adding a new coat of paint is one of the easiest, least expensive and most noticeable improvements you can make to any room.  Be sure to caulk and seal around your tub and sink for a nice finish when painted.  

5)  Save on Counters

New stone countertops like granite can get expensive, especially in large areas like a kitchen.  Installing new countertops in a bathroom should be less costly, although it still pays to shop around and be patient.  You can oftentimes find a deal on some nice countertop if you speak with a tub and tile store and ask for pieces with blemishes or slight damage.  This might be the area where your sinks will be installed and will not matter at all for your use.  

Sometimes, all it takes is a new coat of paint and new tub fixtures to turn your bathroom from drab to dazzling.  If you want to do a little more, replace all your room’s fixtures and shop around for deals on tile.  You can absolutely upgrade your whole bathroom on a budget with a little planning and the right tub repair supplies on hand.

FixMyDrain.com offers the easiest and quickest solution for upgrading your tub fixtures including a new tub stopper and matching tub overflow plate. We provide free, online video instructions and exceptional customer support.  Contact us to learn more about the Watco push pull tub stopper backed by a 5-year limited warranty. 

Home Improvement Projects Alleviate Cabin Fever

Your home is your sanctuary and taking some time to focus on home improvements and spring cleaning is a great way to improve your mood.  By accomplishing some long put off home repair projects, we feel a sense of accomplishment which alleviates stress and anxiety.  Tackling some home improvement projects gives us a break from the news and helps to reduce the feeling of cabin fever. 

If you find that you finally have some time to get to those projects you’ve been putting off, start off with a list of what you need to accomplish in order of simplicity, cost and time.  It might be a good idea to tackle the quick and easy projects first, to get your momentum up for the bigger repair jobs. 

The normal spring cleaning doesn’t really cost us any money, just a bit of time and whatever cleaning products you prefer.  Spring is a great time to: 

Take advantage of any extra time at home and get your mind off the news with some productive spring cleaning.  Most of the tasks you can do at home with little to no expense and no need for professional help.  Even replacing your bathtub drain stopper, overflow plate or sink drain is easy to do yourself with the right materials.

Easy Bathtub and Sink Stopper Replacement

There’s no need to wait on upgrading the look of your bathtub with tub repair products you can purchase online and install yourself.  FixMyDrain.com offers the easiest bathtub stopper replacement solution that installs in only minutes. There’s no need to call a plumber or spend a fortune when you can upgrade the look of your tub all by yourself with high quality tub repair products. 

Watco offers innovative, replacement tub stoppers and overflow plates, designed for easy installation and built to last.  The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is the easiest, universal tub stopper available that will give your tub a brand new look in minutes.  Pair it with the Innovator Snap-On Overflow plate and your family will think you are a master plumber.  

This is an easy way to get started on home improvements that are quick, easy and affordable.  FixMyDrain.com shows you just how easy it is to upgrade your tub with simple video instruction and quality products.  Contact us with any questions and take advantage of some down time with home improvements that give a feeling of accomplishment to alleviate some cabin fever. 

How to Install a Lift and Turn Stopper Yourself

Bathtub stoppers are a very small part of the overall bathroom, yet it can be a big headache when they are not functioning properly.  If you’re faced with a faulty, broken or corroded bathtub stopper, you should know how easy it is to remove and replace a tub stopper yourself.  With modern products available today, there is no need to call a plumber for this simple bathtub upgrade.

Remove Your Existing Tub Stopper

Removing a bathtub stopper is fairly simple when you first identify the type of stopper you have and know what to look for.  When removing your current bathtub stopper, put it in the closed position, then turn the knob counter clockwise to remove.  Hold the base firmly with your other hand while turning the knob to remove the stopper.  

It should easily come out of the drain, if it does not, there may be a set screw under the stopper that you can just loosen without removing in order to pull the stopper all the way out of the drain.  With the top of the stopper out, grab a flathead screwdriver or a pair of pliers to remove the stem.  If the knob comes off but the stem stays in the drain, a flathead screwdriver should do the trick. 

Replace Your Tub Stopper

Watco offers many options for replacing your tub stopper with a high quality lift-and-turn tub stopper that installs in minutes.  You can easily do this yourself with nothing more than a flathead screwdriver.  The Watco lift-and-turn stopper comes with a 3/8” pin for easy installation. 

BuyEagle.biz is the leading online retailer for quality Watco tub repair products and Woodford wall faucets and hydrants.  We offer exceptional customer service, high quality products and easy online ordering.  With the help of Watco and BuyEagle.biz, there is no need to call a professional.  You can have a shiny new bathtub in minutes.

BuyEagle.biz offers high quality Watco and Woodford products, exceptional customer service and an extensive online video library.  We help you solve your tub drain problem with long lasting tub fix solutions.  Contact us to learn more about the best way to replace your bathtub stopper. 

Motivation Tips to Tackle the “Honey-Do” List for Spring

As many of us find ourselves with more time at home, spring is here to give us a chance to get outdoors and do our normal spring cleaning.  Anything normal is good at a time like this, even spring cleaning and repairs. For many, it’s the first chance we’ve had to get outside and clean up the yard and our home exterior, it’s also a good time to finish indoor repairs before spring and summer draw us outdoors even more. 

Outdoor Spring Maintenance Tasks

Spring gives us a chance to get outdoors for some yard work and home repair maintenance such as:

  • Tilling a garden
  • Weeding
  • Planting flowers
  • Trimming bushes
  • Cleaning and repairing rain gutters
  • Cleaning and lubricating your sliding doors
  • Painting window trim, doors or exterior items

Getting outdoors and feeling the fresh air while tackling some home repair and maintenance items you haven’t had time for will help you to feel more productive and alleviate some stress.  

Indoor Spring Cleaning and Home Repairs

Finishing indoor maintenance projects will allow you to really enjoy the spring and summer outdoors without feeling guilty for putting off indoor home repairs.  Some common indoor spring cleaning tasks that might be on your list include:

  • Cleaning the carpets
  • Cleaning windows and doors
  • Cleaning out closets 
  • Donating unused items to charity
  • Caulking around tubs, sinks and tiles
  • Replacing sink and tub fixtures

Tips to Get Motivated for Spring Cleaning and Maintenance

With so much on our minds today it will do us good to tackle some spring cleaning and maintenance projects.  Take some time to think about the following tips to get motivated for some spring cleaning and repairs:

  • Tackle Quick and Easy Repairs First

Tackling the quick and easy repairs first will give you a sense of accomplishment and get you excited about checking items of your “honey-do” list.  One of the quickest and easiest repairs you can make is to upgrade the look of your bathtub or replace faulty bathtub stoppers.  

FixMyDrain.com offers modern, easy to install bathtub replacement stoppers and overflow plates that install in minutes.  You don’t even need any experience with DIY projects to do this yourself, video instructions from FixMyDrain.com. 

  • Prioritize Tasks and Fun

Spend a few minutes each morning prioritizing your day.  Set aside some time for the projects you want to accomplish and set aside some time for fun.  Taking a walk with your family or getting some exercise in the house increases the endorphins we need to feel good naturally and will help to remind us of what’s most important in life.  

  • Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with a treat for a job well done.  Knocking some things off your list yourself rather than calling in professionals probably saved you a nice chunk of money.  Treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine and a hot bubble bath in your shiny new tub or treat the family to a nice dine-in-delivery with the money you saved. 

FixMyDrain.com offers easy online ordering of high quality bathtub replacement stoppers and overflow plates that are easy to install.  We provide online video instruction to show you how to upgrade your tub in just minutes, without calling a plumber.  Contact us with any questions and to get started on your quick and easy tub repair today.